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Founder and President of Mother and Daughter

A Papua New Guinean woman is one of the successful business women to use her hard-earned money to establish a charity organization based in Australia to assist PNG women.

Emily Niliwan Nili and First Lady Michelle Obama

After 20 years of exporting second-hand clothing and working with large and most dominant charities in Australia, Emily Niliwan Nil, executive director of Queensland Charitable Goods (QCG) shares her experiences of living and going through depression as a result of family break up and other challenges in life.

Emily said with tears, “I challenge all mothers and women, god created us very peculiar to withstand the difficult situation and problems we face. When you are faced with a problem, you take your problems and run with it. Don’t stop to cry and give up hope and feel discouraged admiring with regrets with what your husband do. A woman without a vision for her further always returns to her past. I ran with God with my problems and together we are tapping the Europe market. We serve a big God, nothing is too big for God to solve.

“I’m one woman that my husband falsely accused me of witchcraft, black magic and sorcery that lead to divorce and homelessness in PNG. I was on depression medication for a year. This is my second month free from depression and medication.

“Today, I’m the founder and president of Mother and Daughter No Cry Network Ministry (MDNCNM) in Australia. Through this charity we will be giving incubation programs to women whose cries are not heard to prove their innocence when falsely accused of something they did not commit. We are also opening Wellness Centre and Rehabilitation program in Australia for women living in shadow of love,” she said.

Emily, who has been in exporting second-hand clothing from Australia, said her dream to setup the charity organisation is to assist women and girls who have gone through similar problems like her.

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